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People have been using promotional products since forever to build awareness for their brand. While promotional items can be a very powerful tool, they can be tricky too. Their impact is not always easy to measure, and it’s so easy to make mistakes that could make them largely ineffective. This is why it’s important that you don’t have a shotgun approach when using them and know how to use them to their full potential. Here are some examples of how promotional products could be a waste, and how to use them correctly.

You’re Giving Away Useless Stuff

Your clients don’t need another calendar or pen in their drawers. How many calendars does one person need? This is a sure-fire way to not only get your items thrown in the bin but also have them piling up as well.

You have to give things that will be relevant to your audience and actually useful. Something that they won’t be throwing away. One of the best examples is printed power banks. Everyone loves them, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who will ever throw a perfectly working power bank away. A lot of people still don’t have one, and those who do will always appreciate having a backup. This is the type of item that they’ll be using forever, and a great way to build a positive connection with your brand while increasing visibility.

You’re Forcing them on Your Customers

Don’t force people to take your items by sending them mailers or throwing it in their bag. Instead, have a few interesting items lying around in a specific section, or give them as rewards. By making them a prize, you’ll increase their perceived value. And by letting them pick their items, you’ll ensure that they get something that they’ll actually like and use.

You’re Turning Your Items into Billboards

Another mistake a lot of people make is trying to cram as much information as they can on a tiny product. This isn’t the goal of promo products. The goal is to build awareness and brand recognition, not actively sell. This is why you have to make sure that the design is clean and simple, without being generic. Make sure that the branding is seamless as well.

You’re Not Ordering Enough

As a rule, you will usually pay much less on large promo item orders than smaller ones. And you never know how much you might end up giving away, especially if you’re heading for an event. In other cases, some of your employees might pick up a few of them. Or some get lost or damaged. While you can test a few products at first, make sure that you identify the winners, and order large runs if you want to save money and have enough on hand.


Promotional products can be a very powerful way to build brand recognition – when done correctly. Make sure that you avoid these mistakes at all costs, and always work on tweaking your strategy for best results.

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