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In today’s climate-conscious age, it’s important for all individuals to practice their responsibility towards the environment in which they live. Without a consciousness of the dangers of climate change and the tragedy of mass extinctions and melting ice caps, we might well find it easy to see waste occurring in our place of work – but in the present moment, it’s difficult to take. This article aims to inspire those who have noticed that their company could be greener and more eco-friendly – to help them assert themselves and argue for greener processes across the board.

Green Doesn’t Mean Spending

One of the most important parts of your strategy when talking to managers about the sustainability of your company is to emphasize the fact that going green isn’t necessarily an expensive act for a company that might be counting the coppers at the present moment. While some green action can cost a large one-off sum – like installing solar panels, increasing energy efficiency, or installing a recycling baler in the business – it pays back quickly in saved cash on bills, recycling costs, and loss of productivity. Green initiatives aren’t hugely expensive – and you may even be able to present a grant you’ve found that’ll help support your company’s ‘going green journey’.

Heel-Dragging Isn’t Reluctance

Another important lesson from the world of business is that heel-dragging – the lateness in the day for green initiatives – is not a sign of reluctance or disinterest from your seniors and managers. On the contrary, they may simply have different priority structures to you, with company finances and performance more at the forefront of their thinking when making business decisions. It’s up to you, as concerned members of staff, to raise the issue of green and sustainable action within your hierarchy – perhaps even encouraging them to hire an environmental officer to make the company go greener across the board.

Getting the Gear

Some environmental action in business is simple: it merely requires the investment of a little time and money in buying the correct machinery and equipment to maintain optimal energy and waste recycling efficiency. A good example here is vertical baler wire – a key component of any recycling baler that uses the vertical crushing motion of a heavy articulated weight to reduce the size of your cardboard recycling cubes. If you’re fully prepared in this manner, you’ll find it easy to simply crush, cube and dispose of large quantities of recycling – reducing your impact on landfills and helping you to save the planet.

Celebrating and Publicizing

Your efforts to make your company go greener should not go unnoticed – in fact, they should be celebrated. As the eco-friendly movement continues to gather momentum, it’s important to note that it’s a PR coup to share that you’re reducing waste and attempting to go carbon neutral in your company. Make press releases, publish on social media, and be abuzz with an atmosphere of happy achievement – and this will pass onto consumers who want to support your industry-changing project.

Going green in business is no simple task – but with the right diplomatic pressure, you too can make a difference for the long-run inside your company.

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