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You know the saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know?” Well, this saying couldn’t ring truer than for start-ups. When you first start your business, your first customers will be those you already have relationships with. Those who know you personally are most likely to trust in your brand, even though you don’t have a solid reputation behind you. That is why networking is the most important tactic you can use to help grow your start-up.


So, what is networking good for, and how can it help you take your business to the next level?


Generating leads

The number one reason that networking is essential for your business is to generate leads. The more contacts you can create, the wider your web of potential clients. By networking at trade shows, networking events, and online communities, you can build relationships with people and get your name out there. Communicate professionally but genuinely, and you’ll start to notice business opportunities popping up where you never expected. If you’re at a trade show or event, speak to everyone and anyone who will listen. Use a larger display to attract people to your booth, and you never know where it might lead!


Learning from others in the business

There are many successful business owners out there who you can learn a lot from. They’ve likely already made mistakes and found effective strategies to grow their business. By networking with others in the industry, you can pick their brains and identify what’s worked for them and what doesn’t work. That could include which tools they use, hiring strategies, marketing tips, suppliers, and more! You can then use this information to create an effective plan for your business.


Boosting your confidence

Starting a business always has a risk attached to it, and it can be hard to feel confident when you’re starting from scratch. Sometimes imposter syndrome sneaks up, and you wonder if your business is going to flop. Networking allows you to proclaim to the world that your business is a reality. The more you speak about it, the more you’ll believe it yourself. The more confidence you have in your business, the more confidence others will also have in it. Networking will help you to boost your confidence, which will in turn translate into client trust and more conversions.


Staying up to date on trends

With technology moving so quickly, it can become hard to keep up with the pace. Staying up to date with current trends is incredibly important for your business as it will allow you to meet your clients’ needs more effectively. People are always coming up with innovative and more efficient ways of working, and through networking, you can adopt those strategies as well. Not only does this help you keep your clients happy, but it also helps your business to run more effectively. Chat to people about the software they use, or what’s hot on the market. That way, you can market your product or service appropriately and maybe even tweak your offering to make it more relevant.

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