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Why Every Law Firms Need a Well-Executed Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing and referrals are the life blood of many law firms today. While law firms that have been established for longer periods of time may carry more ‘prestige’ in a traditional manner, it is the firms that follow current technological trends that make major waves. So, what does a well-executed online marketing strategy for a law firm look like? Is it a concisely-written website? How about a great social media profile accompanied by a professional headshot? Great online marketing strategies for law firms actually contain a lot of different elements.

For Future Planning Purposes

Whether you practice solo or are a partner at a hundred-year-old, international law firm, a long-term plan is necessary for growth. Afterall, properly managed law firms can project how much they will be spending on office space and supporting staff salaries years in advance. By developing an online marketing plan, you will be able to see where your law firm is headed in the future. Yes, even a great online marketing strategy might change up a bit here and there, but simply having a plan makes it much more convenient for attorneys to do their jobs and stop worrying about bolstering their reputations on a widespread scale.

Lawyers with a Professional Online Presence Receive More Leads

You might want your credentials and educational background speak for themselves in your online lawyer’s profile, but potential clients are looking for more. Most want an attorney that is well-rounded,is great at their job, truly enjoys what they are doing, and is able to balance a flourishing legal career with a satisfying personal life. So, your online marketing strategy will probably need to include something that contains more of a personal touch. A regularly updated blog might do you well. Other lawyers take to platforms such as Twitter, where they can gain followers as well as interact with the general public in a respectably professional manner.

PotentialClients Trust Attorneys More When They Tell Their Stories

In a nutshell, a well-executed online marketing strategy for a practicing attorney needs to highlight their unique personality. A criminal defense attorney may need to tell the story of where they came from and why they decided to be a champion of justice in order to gain more clients. Other attorneys might recap their most recent successes in the courtroom, cite new case law or even write op-eds for local publications. Just Legal Marketing has a lot of experience in helping legal professionals author and fine-tune their respective stories online. This marketing firm understands that attorneys have different needs and various approaches to acquiring clients. When you go to tell your personal story online, make sure it is presented in a way that will get potential leads to really listen.

You can put up a website and just let the chips fall where they may, but if you go that route, you should also expect results to vary. Instead, create a plan and an online marketing strategy for your law firm. The future of your career, as well as your professional reputation, depends on it.

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