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Website design and web development go hand in hand, but what is less common knowledge is how they contribute to a company’s search engine optimization. SEO keywords are generally understood amongst business owners who have some form of online operation. Still, when a website’s actual design could be contributing to more traffic and better search results, you could be missing a trick.


What is SEO?


In the most basic terms, search engine optimization is a series of best practices that will make a specific website appear higher up a search results page, such as Google or Yahoo. This means the website is more likely to get higher traffic than its competitors and not get hidden beneath hundreds of results.


The aim of every website is to be the top result for a specific search term, or at least to appear on the first results page. SEO works both locally and globally – excellent search engine optimization can lead to worldwide recognition. At the same time, local algorithms should mean you appear on Google Maps (register with Google My Business to achieve this) when a potential customer searches your area.


Generally, SEO is seen to come from keywords and uploading fresh, original content regularly. However, the actual design and development of your website also contribute to it.




Having titles that aren’t too long, that are unique on every page and include a target keyword will be picked up by algorithms such as Google and looked favorably upon. Using software such as Yoast might be useful for informing you whether your SEO titles are up to scratch.


Heading tags


Heading tags on your websites are the HTML tags that identify your headings and subheadings throughout the website, differentiating them from usual paragraph text. These headings, generally organized in size from H1-H6, split up your content and not only help users recognize the content and importance of your website but search engines too. For handy SEO, your heading tags should not be packed too full of keywords, be unique throughout and not be smaller than H3 too often.


Full-service agencies


Using design agencies who also have a thorough understanding of SEO can help take your business to the next level in terms of aesthetics, content, and getting found online. Finding excellent web design Birmingham or other locations will help boost your website in the local area. In contrast, their knowledge of many different digital solutions, marketing campaigns, and sales techniques will be invaluable.


Encourages visitors to stay


With more online shoppers by the year – especially in online grocery sales – you want visitors to your website to hang around. This is where excellent web design comes to the fore. Having a well-designed website will fill your website with the optimum number of internal links – fantastic for SEO and keeping visitors circulating your website rather than going elsewhere.


Guiding traffic


These internal links, therefore, can guide visitors to the pages that you want them to visit. From blog posts and about pages, you can help redirect potential customers to contact and sales pages: where you really want them to be. These internal links are superb for SEO but will also improve your sales conversion rates.

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