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Using Your Press Releases as a Publicity Tool

Public Relations businesses or staff and the media initially used press releases to communicate amongst themselves. Today, press releases go to members of the press, and to the consumer as well because of the abundance of social media content and RSS feeds available online at sites like Yahoo and Google News.

Do you have to ask yourself if press releases are worth it?


Press releases are an effective way to send your information to consumers and the media. They generate opportunities for fetching incoming links since they can be syndicated.

With advance wire services such as PR Newswire and PRWeb, the process of obtaining new information from popular news search engines has turned out to be more straightforward. To understand how widespread online news search has become, ComScore stated each month half of all web users spend time browsing online news websites like the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC.

Here are ten guidelines to help maximize the prominence of your press release:

1. You should concentrate on a set subject. Uninteresting news gets minute outcomes. Having a lot of keywords and information will reduce communication for search engines and readers.

2. Ensure your press release utilizes the web page optimization principles. The most important keywords and phrases should be foremost and close to the top of your text.

3. Circulate your press release through a wire service like PRWeb or Business Wire. If your story has more than one perspective, mix it up. The news service engines will filter out the same information if you give a matching release to more than one wire service on the exact day.

4. Give your reader a purpose to look at your press release. Provide your users with an action object like exclusive offers, email newsletters, free trials, webinars, podcasts, and more.

5. Produce a landing page to convert press release guests to prospects. Insert links in your press release to take your visitors to the information you want them to see.

6. Gather a list of media associates and email them a summary of your press release.

7. Check out bloggers that write on the subject and send them a synopsis of your press release in advance.

8. Post your media release to the company blog spot.

9. Write a blog of the news and give it to the appropriate social media sites. Press releases ought not to be personally submitted to Digg, Netscape, Reddit, Stumble Upon, and so on.

10. Bookmark the publication via a social bookmark service like or It is vital to keep track of the usefulness of your press release outcomes.

Strategies for following your press release consist of
• Embedding tracking codes in the links
• Monitoring the web analytics of your press release’s website for referral traffic sources
• Setting up Google alerts to notify you when release got selected
• Keeping track of google blog search and Technorati for pickups
• Keeping an eye on standard search engines for when press release information or links is chosen
• Tracking any changes from press release landing pages

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