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One of your first tasks when starting a business is to create a logo. Your logo is what identifies your brand, and you want it to have a positive impact that people will remember. It may seem like an insignificant portion of building your business, but it should not be overlooked. Your logo will impact potential clients’ impressions of your brand and even influence their purchasing decisions. When you’re brainstorming and creating your logo, here are some tips to point you in the right direction.


1.   Less is more

When you’re creating your logo, prioritize simplicity over everything else. Most people will only see your logo for a short period, and the simpler the design, the more their brains will retain the information. The design should not be overly intricate, since your audience may not be able to make out the small details. You have to remember that your logo is going to be displayed in various sizes, including on business cards and mobile devices. If there is too much going on, it will overwhelm the viewer.


2.   Know your audience and your competition

It’s essential to understand who it is that your business is targeting. Rather than focusing on what designs you like personally, identify what your target audience would look for. Be specific. The more you can focus your visual direction towards your particular audience, the more likely you will attract them. Your logo should send a message and evoke a certain type of tone.


A great way to identify what’s effective for your audience is to look at your competitors. Do some research and check out the logos of the most popular brands in your niche. Are there common features throughout their logos that represent the niche? These might include common font types or graphic styles. You don’t want to replicate, only use those influences to craft a logo that will resonate as effectively.


3.   Make sure it looks good in black and white

The colors in your logo will help to build your brand identity. That said, your logo may very well end up being printed or presented in black and white, depending on the medium. You may advertise your business in a publication that publishes in black and white, such as a brochure, newspaper, or flyer. It’s important that your logo still looks crisp and clear without color in order to make it as versatile as possible. Create multiple versions of your logo, including black and white and use a digital asset management software to organize them all for easy access.


4.   Be strategic with your color choices

Following on from the above, it’s just as important that you choose your color scheme strategically. Color sticks in the brain and will help those who see your logo to remember you. Don’t select colors used by your competitors as potential clients could get confused. Choose a unique color scheme, but one that represents what your business stands for. Different colors evoke different emotions, so by choosing wisely, you can influence how people subconsciously feel about your brand. For example, black and red are powerful colors, whereas orange and yellow are fun and youthful. Green is often associated with the environment and eco-friendly products or services, and blue is used frequently in health and medical-related logos.


When you’re creating your logo, be sure to consider these tips. An impactful logo will help shape your brand identity and build an image that your target audience will remember.

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