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We all know that WordPress is by far the leader of the CMS industry worldwide, as of recently, having reached more than 60 million regular websites. 

Joomla, on the other hand, comes in a solid second place, and has many of the same usage rules and restrictions like: it being open-source and community-driven, free for non-profit use and so on.

In this article I want to discuss the positive and negative aspects of Joomla and why you should definitely consider it if you’re considering getting into Joomla development or just want to make your business website in general. I’ll discuss everything below.

The main advantages of using Joomla CMS

  • Only minimum knowledge of programming required – Joomla is one of those platforms that does not require you to be an expert in coding to develop your website. 

Most of its templates are free to use and give the user an easy graphical interface that allows you to change the features, layouts and fonts of your websites.This is of course relevant for those who are satisfied with basic static websites that do not require complicated functionality. If you want something more special, you’ll probably need to hire someone that has more expertise than just the basics of Joomla.


  • Great for simple and speedy websites – another plus for Joomla comes from the fact that it’s good for different types of websites, yet still maintains its look as a simple blogging platform.


What’s more, Joomla has a PHP framework installed next to the CMS environment. That means that programmers can write PHP applications right inside the CMS, without any additional environments required.

This makes Joomla a perfect basis for e-commerce sites, forums or social sites as well as blogs to develop it with. Like mentioned, it’s also quite easily customizable for each of these website types.

  • Great optimization for SEO – unlike WordPress and many other CMS platforms, Joomla already thinks about your SEO even if you’ve just begun developing your website.

Pre-built SEO tools include: search engine-friendly URLs, generators for sitemaps, exclusions for robots and so on. With additional extensions you can boost your SEO even further – analytics, management of links and redirections all can become part of your website eventually.

The main disadvantages of using Joomla CMS


  • More complexity in terms of UI – while we mentioned that Joomla is easier to understand for programmers, the basic UI – meaning navigation across menus is far more difficult than WordPress.


This translates to the extensibility as well – while it is great for simple website development, Joomla can become very complex if you want to develop something that really stands out. 

That’s why it’s best to hire someone that knows more about its development since complicated functions can take a lot of your time to learn and include yourself.

  • Issues with extensions – since WordPress is far more popular and has a larger community, naturally people will be more interested in developing a larger number of themes and plugins for public use.

So, if you’re looking for a huge library of free extensions or themes that you can use for your website, more templates will be available with WordPress and not Joomla. The main issue is basically a less inviting environment for creating extensions.

  • Security risks to take note of – we all know that WordPress website will be the most susceptible to hacking since it’s the most popular CMS that people use. Hackers will focus on developing malicious software or look for security gaps with mainly WP in focus.

However, since Joomla is second and just like WordPress uses plugins its far more susceptible to hacking than the rest of the CMSes out there. A developer should vary of unsafe plugins that only disguise themselves as legitimate and seriously harm a website.

All in all

I’ve discussed the main pros and cons of using the Joomla CMS. While great for beginner programmers and those looking for a simple website, it can take time to master it’s UI and there are some security risks as well. 

Only an experienced Joomla develop can create a website that’s tightly secured, has great functionality and, of course, looks awesome.

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