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There are so many cloud-based services being offered today that choosing the right ones can be quite confusing to say the least. Aside from that, there is also the budget to consider, which usually is not nearly as big for smaller companies, as it is for large enterprises. So, how is a small business supposed to get their IT services, solutions and security sorted in 2020? Let’s try and find an answer.

Unification Should be the Goal

The less scattered your company’s IT services are, the more productive they will be for the business. It is recommended that SMEs partner up with a complete IT solution provider such as Capstone IT Services from West Palm Beach. Since they handle everything from software and hardware procurement/maintenance to providing comprehensive data security solutions, this move will help in keeping track of all IT expenses, while also making it easy to downscale/upscale a singular plan, as and when required.

Avoiding Ghost Expenses in IT

Unifying the IT solution is also crucial to avoid invisible IT expenses, also known as ghost IT services. These are the services that at some point or another a member of your team subscribed to and then never unsubscribed from when the service was no longer needed.

It is possible for companies to lose thousands of dollars in ghost IT expenses, without even knowing about their existence, use or effect! On the other hand, when your technical solutions are all coming from a singular source, it’s much easier to track what you are paying for, and then decide whether any changes are necessary.

The All Essential IT Services: Which Ones Can Your Company Benefit From?

There is no generalization in IT these days, so the solutions you need should first be designed for the specific sector, and then further personalized to suit your company’s specific needs. Nevertheless, we are going to list SaaS and other cloud-based IT solutions that have proven themselves to be the most beneficial of late. These should help you make a choice based on the services your company needs.

  • Infrastructure, database desktop/mobile platforms and computing
  • Software/API development
  • Data management, data analytics, data security, data storage and data synchronization
  • Business and predictive analytics
  • Content and customer management
  • Cybersecurity and cyber forensics
  • Workflow management and process automation
  • Business automation with advanced AI integration
  • Hardware networking
  • Content management and content delivery
  • IoT, SEO, web development and maintenance
  • Business communications, workspace creation, productivity resources
  • Transaction processing and event processing

The idea is to look at each IT service mentioned on this list and consider two primary questions:

  1. Can it benefit my business?
  2. Is the cost worth the benefits on offer?

Once you have the services determined and set, all that’s left to do is choose between the companies that provide those services. With the help of an outsourced IT team, even the smallest businesses in the US can keep up to date with their company’s growing needs, without feeling overwhelmed.

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