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It’s a topic of great importance for labs to gain new business and new publicity for their work. This could be due to several factors, whether a decrease in financial backing, a cut in the budget, or lab testing being viewed as less of a priority. Marketing your lab effectively is essential in increasing awareness and drawing in new business for the work that you do. Below is a guide on how to successfully do so.

Understand What You Are Marketing

You may know your product thoroughly and feel completely comfortable in your laboratory environment, but if marketing and public relations are not your forte, it can be very overwhelming in the first instance. Not to mention, you may not be aware how exactly to talk about your product or market it in an impressive fashion.

Or, perhaps you are passing on the marketing responsibility to somebody within your company who doesn’t deal directly with the workings of the lab and therefore needs to understand better in order to market more efficiently. If you’re ever unsure about a specific area or feel as though you need a refresher course, companies such as can offer technical training.

Know Who Your Potential Clients Are

First and foremost, in order to market your lab effectively, you need to understand who you are marketing to. This includes knowing exactly who they are, where they are most likely to be found, and what exactly it is that they need from you. All your marketing efforts should be targeted around this clientele and aim to fulfill their every need.

You can understand potential new clients better by studying your existing clients. Do they all fall into the same category, or do you provide a service for individuals of all backgrounds and lifestyles? Are they based in a particular geographical area, or do you have clients from all over the world?

A good way to understand your clients better is through surveys when products are purchased, especially if your product orders usually come through with limited information, such as just a name or address. Survey questions could include age range, personal or business use, and gender, to name a few.

Have a Substantial Online Presence

This is crucial for success and should factor in all the main areas of adequate online marketing. It primarily should be a functional and professional website. It should be easy to use with fast loading time and promote your lab to the best of its ability, including photos and videos, and perhaps even a virtual tour.

Other online marketing efforts should include:

  • Focus on good SEO and pushing specific keywords
  • A presence on social media and professional networking sites
  • The ability for individuals to contact through online means, such as email and live chat

Reach Out to Relevant People


This includes contacting local hospitals, clinics, medical facilities, or any other establishments which are relevant to your target market. You could offer to provide free presentations to staff and clientele to promote your product and raise awareness and can also produce leaflets and brochures to promote your product further, which can be on display in all relevant facilities and public locations.

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