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Every day, new businesses pop up in the hopes of being successful, but many of these rarely last beyond the first year. The same can be said for law firms, so start-up firms will need all the tools they need to elevate their brand and draw in new clients. Thanks to innovations in recent technology, certain software is now an essential ingredient in this process. The right programs do more to benefit start-ups than people think, and here’s how.

Perfecting your brand

When it comes to branding, law firms focus largely on the prestige of their company name and by showing potential clients exactly how they can help.

At the heart of this branding process is collecting client recommendations, so people know you can be trusted. These recommendations and stories can then go on to form part of your website, but it may take some time before they roll in. Before then, focus on designing a slick, professional website and logo that people can remember by using enhanced design software. Without it, you run the risk of your brand looking sloppy and unprofessional.


Creating marketing campaigns


Once you have created a unique selling point for your brand, you will need to work on bringing this message to people to draw in new clients. This is something else software can streamline. Firstly, remember that the niches you are operating in will heavily influence the type of campaign you choose to create. For example, a law firm dealing with finances may be aimed at the general public, while those dealing with corporate law may choose to have a more B2B focus for their campaign.

Whoever your market is, you must show them that you are the best company to tackle their legal issues, despite your start-up status. When dealing with the general public, turn to social media-friendly software to develop campaigns which reach the most people. Then, make the most of more affordable SEO software while writing your website content to grow this awareness further.

Managing new case files

You’ll likely have a small bank of clients in your database during the first few months of your business. Each bringing a unique case file of their own, you must keep them all organized in one central location. This is so employees can find all their information in one place and provide top-class legal services.

You cannot use just any kind of software for this, as it needs to be tailored to the evolving needs of a law firm. Instead, companies like Redbrick Solutions offer a niche case management software system exactly for this purpose. It’s a great way to start your law firm off on the right foot.

Protecting client data

Law firms often deal with sensitive case files that must not have their data compromised. Even so, by the end of the year, cybercrime is expected to cost businesses $2 trillion globally. Ultimately, clients want to know that their data protection is of high priority, meaning start-ups will need to invest in anti-virus software to keep this information safe from hackers and data breaches.

Not only does this software keep client data protected and increase faith in your company, but it will avoid any potential PR disasters that would otherwise permanently damage your reputation in the first few months.

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