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5 Innovative Career Ideas for Designers

Whether it’s your artistic capabilities, attention to detail, love of color or impeccable sense of style, there’s something that makes you long for a career where you can leverage your talents and share your creative ideas with the world. The unfortunate reality is that many aspiring creative professionals struggle to enter a relevant industry.

Some only find moderate success, while others fail to escape the “starving artist” cliché. But if your creative talents lean more towards design, you’ll be glad to know that there are many rewarding, exciting, and lucrative careers in this field. Here are five to consider.

Interior Designer

Interior designers put together living spaces that are safe, functional and attractive. Their work includes sketching initial drafts, discussing plans with architects and using software to render a final concept. You’ll be challenged with creating spaces that people enjoy being in, making interior design a dynamic and rewarding career.

Electronic Product Designer

The electronics market is massive, with competition around every corner.

Unlike in other industries, consumers demand a brand-new innovation on a yearly basis, especially in the mobile sector. This means that tech companies are always looking for talented professionals who can help them design a product that outshines and outperforms the competition.

As a product designer in the electronics industry, you’ll be using high-tech tools to create high-tech solutions, be it a new camera module for the next iPhone or a circuit board for Dell’s upcoming flagship laptop. To get an idea of the tools that today’s designers use, head over to Gumstix.com and check out their popular electronics design software.

User Experience Designer

User experience (UX) designers ensure that customers are as satisfied as possible when interacting with a business. They form a crucial part of a company’s branding and their services are rarely undervalued. This is mainly due to the scope of a UX designer’s work, which includes interaction and visual design, research, information architecture, and more.

Web Designer

Web designers use their creative and technical abilities to develop layouts for a variety of clients’ websites, ranging from their local cafe to Fortune 500 corporations.

In fact, businesses of all sizes and industries are in need of a website, making web design an in-demand profession with great job security. While web designers are compensated generously for their services, the work can be challenging and calls for a diverse set of skills.

You’ll need to have a strong understanding of visual design principles, content management systems, and some basic programming languages. There are many companies looking to hire web designers, but you can also work independently for clients in the industries you enjoy most.

Video game Designer

Video game designers fall into the top five highest-paid fields in the industry. This career combines storytelling, programming, and visual art into one challenging and rewarding profession. As a videogame designer, you can expect a dynamic work life, with each new project presenting a variety of ideas and concepts to explore.


Once you’ve identified the field you find most compelling, all that’s left to do is study, study, and study some more. Rest assured, it will all pay off in due course.

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